How to Write for a Grant Application – Writing Tips and Advice

grant-writingWhy do think many people complain about their grant proposal failing to sail through to get the required funding even when their projects are genuine and deserve funding? Is it because of unorganized and ineffective grant proposal? Is it because they are not for worthy causes? One wonders! It is indeed very crucial to note that the grant agencies receive thousands of worthy cause’s applications for a single award.

It is therefore important that an organization’s application stands out in the stacks! My friend this is not a daunting task as you may think; many have done it why not you? Here is certainly one of the living histories! Read more ›

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The World’s 10 Most Popular Philanthropists and What They Did in Their Careers

Individuals who are celebrated in the World for making a difference to humanity by pledging at least one billion of their wealth to philanthropic causes include the following top ten philanthropists:

  1. bill-gatesWilliam Henry “Bill” Gates
    He has donated $ 28 billion, part of his $ 72.9 billion worth of wealth to charity for global health and development. The world’s biggest foundation initiated by Gates; namely, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has helped the less privileged all over the world. It was aimed at helping every person get the chance to live a healthy, productive life. Gates and Buffet initiated The Giving Pledge campaign which encourages the richest to give half of their wealth to charity.
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Australian Superannuation Grants

Many Australian superannuation funds provide grants to individuals and community groups. These are not always well advertised, but most of these grants are available yearly or biyearly. Many of these grants are quite considerable and could go a long way to furthering your individual or community pursuits. Most grants are released at the beginning of the calendar or financial year.

Super funds that offer grants
Most major, and many of the minor, super funds offer grants to individuals and community groups. There are many different types of grants available, but most relate to education, training or community support. It is a good idea to call or write to all of the major super funds to request information about the grants that they offer. If you are searching for a grant in a specific industry then it is a good idea to search for a super fund dedicated to your industry. Some superannuation grants are specific to a type of fund such as self managed super fund grants provided by These provide a fantastic opportunity because the eligibility requirements are so strict.

How to apply for a grant
Applying for a grant can be a difficult process and each grants will have a slightly different application procedure. Most grants require a written application and they have strict time frames for applicants. It is a good idea to apply as soon as possible because last-minute applications are usually rushed and may not present yourself or your organization in the best light. You can apply for as many grants as you wish, but it is important to check the eligibility requirements before making a formal application.

Who is eligible?
The eligibility requirements for superannuation grants are different between each super fund. However, general grants are usually open to any individual or community group. Industry specific grants have far more strict eligibility requirements and you need to ensure you are eligible before making your application. If you aren’t sure if you fit the eligibility requirements then it is a good idea to make contact with the super fund.

Avoiding fake grants
It is important to be aware that there are some unscrupulous people that take advantage of individuals and community groups by setting up fake grants in the name of a well known organization or government department. These are designed to steal your personal information and could be used for identity theft purposes. It is always a good idea to ensure that your grant is genuine and that your application will be received by the correct organization. If you are unsure about your grant then it is a very good idea to contact the super fund and check the legitimacy of the grant. It is also a good idea to use registered post when sending your application by mail, because this can only be received by an authorized representative of the company. The government organization Scamwatch is also a good place to check if your grant is genuine.

Many grants are offered by Australian superannuation funds, but this fact is not well known by the Australian public. This means that individuals think many groups stand a chance of being approved for a grant to further their pursuits.

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How to Raise Funds for Breast Augmentation

A lot of people think that breast augmentation is only done for aesthetic reasons. The truth is that breast augmentation is done for so many reasons. In fact, there are those who do breast augmentation since they are suffering from severely low self-esteem. There are also those who do it since they have just removed their actual breast as a result of breast cancer. For women, the breasts are very important. It is one of the features that define them as women. Having flat or no breast at all will significantly affect them.

If you are one of these women and you badly needed breast augmentation, the best thing to do is to raise funds. There are a lot of ways for you to raise funds and there are lots of organizations that are willing to help you out. All you need to do is to find the right partner for this endeavor.

1. Check out online support groups that provide help to women who badly needed breast augmentation. There are lots of organizations that can connect you with individuals who might be willing to sponsor you. There are also some surgeons that offer free breast augmentation procedures every once in a while. They could also tap these surgeons to help you out.

2. Create an advertisement via cosmetic surgery forums. People who go to these forums totally understand you. This is why you have the assurance that they will extend whatever help they can for you to achieve your goals. In fact, a lot of forums have already raised funds to help out women who are
in need.

3. Go to sites such as this. They allow individuals who badly need cosmetic surgery to post their ads. Usually, it is for free. All you need to have is the courage to post your photos and the exact procedure that you need. There are chances that someone will turn up to help you out.

4. Visit cosmetic surgery clinics. Some of them have promotions such as free or discounted breast augmentation service, then you can be on the waiting list. You just have to be patient since a lot of other women might have signed too. For sure, you will be given the chance soon.
It might take time before you raise funds or get breast augmentation procedures for free. However, if you are persistent enough, you will surely get the results that you desire to see. Just remember not to sacrifice your morals in trying to accomplish this goal. You want to raise funds from people who understand your sentiments. Don’t go for this procedure because you have found a sponsor who will help you in exchange of sexual favors.

If you have already raised funds, you can go ahead and check out the best breast surgery clinics. For breast augmentation in Melbourne, you can go here. If you need breast augmentation in Austin, then check out . Hopefully, you will achieve your goals soon.

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Ways You can be of Help to UNICEF’s Projects for Needy Children

Millions of children all over the world suffer due to extreme poverty and lack of basic necessities. These children are supposed to enjoy their lives, but are deprived of happiness because of their situation. With lots of children who need help, it might seem hopeless already. However, the truth is it is not. In fact, you can take part to create changes. With your help, these children will eventually have a better life and a brighter future ahead of them. If you are interested to extend help to them, here are some of UNICEF’s projects that you might give your contributions to:

1. Be a Global Parent. Instead of adopting just one child, you can donate money instead so that this money can go a long way. With UNICEF’s projects, you are assured that hundreds upon thousands of children will be given what they deserve. UNICEF provides projects related to education, health, security, and other basic needs.

2. Give a Gift. If you are not comfortable donating money, then you can extend help in kind. You can give a gift such as children’s toys or clothes for kids. UNICEF will gather these gifts from various donors and find children who can benefit from them the most. You can also donate these items in bulk so that more children will benefit.

3. Just spread the word. For now, if you don’t think you are financially capable to be of help to these kids, then you can at least let other people know about these projects. You can also tap major companies in which you are connected to or private individuals who are interested in providing help to those who are in need. You might not have given anything directly, but by spreading the word, you can pull more people to help.

There might be lots of problems being faced by millions of children around the world. However, you can do something to change their lives. You might give just a few amount of money, but when everyone else does the same, we can make a difference. If you want to be a child sponsor, you can visit UNICEF’s website here.

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Technology That Can Help You in Applying for Grants

When it comes to funding and grants, it is best to know what technology you can use nowadays in order to access and to submit grant applications. With many businesses, companies, and organizations extending financial assistance to individuals or other organizations for various reasons, your opportunities are limitless! You just have to know and to use the right technology that will make your life easier in grant applications in the long run. This article lists down the following things that will help you in applying for funding support, namely:

1. The Internet

As one of the most powerful research tools of today, the Internet is your ticket to finding your next grant! Websites, online newspapers, social media networks…all of these are windows of opportunities for funding sources to reach out to interested applicants like yourself. With the right connections and right clicks, you can access information such as guidelines, application forms, and information about grants – right at the tip of your fingertips! In addition, there are many grants nowadays that accept proposals online so that you can submit them via e-mail or the funding organization's website.

2. Access to Digital Technology for Important Paperwork

Some non-profit organizations, companies, or businesses prefer receiving grant applications in old-fashioned way, so you must have access to either a scanner, a fax, or a printer. These three are useful because when you need to send required documents to their office in a soft or hard copy format, you won't have to go out of the house to do it! Nowadays, there is a useful technology called the copier, which is a scanner, a fax, and a printer combined into one. You can check out for more information or find multi-function copier machines for sale here.

3. A Reliable Phone Service

Getting to know the people behind the grants is a good place to start. If you already have access to the contact details of an organization which can provide the funding you are looking for, you can use them to dial up their number on your phone and converse with them. A reliable phone service can go a long way to help you in communicating and learning more about a certain organization even if you haven't applied for their grant yet. Using this piece of communication technology to gain important information on how they work, you can gain personal contacts and knowledge that will guide you in making your application or proposal. In addition, they may even recognize you once your application is in their hands. However, always consider that you are contacting them because you are sincerely interested in their organization or company and how they extend assistance to others, and not because you just want to gain personal advantage over them.

These are just a few things that will help you in writing and applying for grants. On the other hand, the bottom line is that if you work hard and make a convincing proposal or application, you can gain any funding source's trust and approval.

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Securing Business Grants for Women and Minorities

While it is easy for children and students to secure grants from both government agencies as well as private sponsors, women and minorities sometimes find it difficult to get approved. In the case of women, the sad truth about discrimination kicks in more often than we would like to think. Women who are not as bright, did not finish college or are plain house makers are looked down upon when it comes to being given a business grant.

It is difficult but not impossible. There are several things to do in order to secure a business grant for women and minorities. Grant writing or applying for business grants is a combination of luck and having all the right elements in your grant application.

You begin by finding the grant program that is a match to your business and current situation. There are grants for women, for minorities, for single moms, for Moms who are working and many more variants. Choose the one where you have the biggest chance to get in. Next, select the grant organization or government body. You can look their website up and read about their press releases and previous grant awardees. By taking a closer look at them as an organization, you will be able to determine the kind of people they normally give business grants to. There are grants given to foster women entrepreneurs or those which are targeted specifically to minorities.
One of the best things that you can do is seek guidance from the organization or agency itself before you even prepare your grant proposal. You can set an appointment with a representative to ask of they prefer submissions in digital or printed copy; if they need video interviews and so on. Now, it is important that you be very clear when you ask questions during your appointment.
Being a minority, you may not be fluent in English, so it will be best to hire a professional translation agency to help you along. They can be present during your interview too and can also check if your grant proposal and business plan have been written clearly and to the point.
By following these tips, you can greatly improve your chances of securing a business grant.

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Advanced Cosmetic Traning Funded Through a Government Grant

Cosmetic surgeries and treatments have gained popularity over the years. Where there were 2 in 15 people who would have had a cosmetic surgery done in the 1980's, the statistics have changed to 5 in 15 in this decade. The purpose that cosmetic surgeries fulfill are numerous, due to its rising importance the government has set aside grants for aspiring and promising cosmetic surgeons who may be interested in advanced cosmetic trainings. Here's why the option of applying for a government grant for an advanced training should be given a serious thought. 

Tweak on the Medical Profile

The profession calls for being as up-to-date and advanced as possible. Considering the amount of findings and research that are being conducted for improving cosmetic surgeries and its alternative form of treatments, it is vital to stay on the winning edge of the field. Places like the American Society of Cosmetic Physicians actively conduct CME cosmetic training that enhances the medical profile of surgeons and equips them  to treat patients better. 

Low to No Investment Needed

With the help of a supporting government grant, depending on the case that gets accepted, a certain percentage needs to be paid. There are also several cases where the whole training cost gets accepted for funding resulting in no fee payment at all. This makes the advanced training programs affordable and within the reach of many cosmetic surgeons who wish to step up the ladder of their medical career through better learning and development. There are several cosmetic surgery facilities that promote and motivate their surgeons to go for the funded trainings in order to have a cosmetic surgeons team that is the best in the town or its vicinity. 

Increased Chances of Travelling

Since many cosmetic trainings are conducted in different continents, depending on where the training panel belongs to, the chances of travelling and increasing exposure are also multiplied. It opens up a wide variety of medical cases and history as professionals travel from one place to the other for trainings. Moreover, cosmetic surgeons who have travelled and received trainings from abroad are accredited and trusted more by medical facilities and patients for their record and treatment abilities. 

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Tips on Funding for Paying Medical Bills

Any medical treatment that you have needs paying for and most hospitals and providers will give you one month from the date of billing to pay. Unfortunately, some treatments are just too expensive for payment in full to be made in one go.

If you do find that your treatment is expensive or you have fallen behind with paying your bill, it might be worth looking at whether you can get help via government or charity organizations.  If you can, you should make some payment off your bill and get it as low as you possibly can first. You must also know how to spot if an ad for a grant is real or fake.

Look for low-cost providers

If you know that you need treatment in advance look for providers that are lower cost than others are.  Some cities have reduced cost clinics but be aware that you need to book well in advance because they get booked up pretty quick.

Spread the Cost

Speak to the clinic in advance and see if you can negotiate spreading the cost. Most will be apply to do so although you may find that the whole amount is due if you fall into arrears.  It’s always a good idea, if you are accepted onto a payment plan, to continue looking for an alternative means of paying the entire bill in one go or at least reducing it by a significant amount.

Many clinics consider hardship cases. For example, if you require treatment for spider veins, Southfield area, this clinic is a good one to contact.

Look Into Your Insurance Policy

Many insurance policies will pay some or all of your medical treatment and most clinics work in conjunction with major insurance providers. Check your policy and speak to your insurance provider before you go for treatment to see if cover is available.

Look for Government Assistance

Sometimes you may be able to get government funding to help you pay your medical bills. You will need to provide a lot of information to determine if funding is applicable and available but it is always worth a shot.

If you qualify for government grants make sure you apply for them. We can help you to find out and help you fill out the forms if you require it. It is a time consuming process and must be done in good time. Failure to apply in time for the bill to be paid could result in interest accruing.

Look into Medicaid

Medicaid is always worth looking into if you are on a low income or have lost a lot of money due to your medical condition. Again, this is something that we can help you look into.


If you see adverts for grants that claim to be free, ignore them, they are fake. There is no such thing as a “money for nothing” grant for medical bills, it has to be paid back somewhere along the line. If you receive unsolicited mail or phone calls from companies that offer free money, do not give out your personal information.

If you do fill in forms on the internet for grants or funding, make sure it is a genuine government site first.

Varicose vein treatment is not always considered vital and, as such, money is not always made available to pay for it. Using a reputable clinic gives you a much better chance of being able to spread the cost. If you need more information on spider vein treatments check out this website.

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The Cost of Addiction Recovery

One of the reasons why so many people fail to get the help they need for substance abuse is the cost of rehabilitation.  The benefits that a treatment facility can offer give individuals the best chance at survival, the best chance to live life again without having to depend on substances to get through each day and suffering the consequences.

The cost of rehabilitation s actually quite small compared to the cost of the habit itself. Substance abusers will spend significantly large amounts of cash on their habit and will stop at nothing to get that cash.  The cost of healthcare in looking after these individuals is also much higher than that of a treatment facility.

How to Fund Addiction Recovery

There are a number of options open to those who want to undergo rehabilitation for substance abuse. Many facilities offer the option of financing, such as this clinic for addiction treatment in Orange County, California.

There are outpatient clinics where you can pay for each session as and when you have it, which is more affordable but may not be such an effective form of rehabilitation.

You could apply for a loan from your bank or personal loan specialist. The extra cost per month for such a loan is small enough to manage but big enough to remind you why you are doing it.

You could ask your family and friends if they will help with the cost – you might be surprised at how many of them say yes. These are the people that have watched you systematically destroy your own life and started on theirs so, donating money for your rehabilitation may be something they will all gladly do. This is also a much-needed show of support for you meaning that you are more likely to complete the rehabilitation successfully.

Insurance and Government Grants

Under new government rules, drawn up to recognize the sheer size of the addiction problem, some types of insurance company are required in some states to provide coverage for treatment.  Check your policy and check with your provider to see if you can get help that way. There will probably be conditions attached but you may at least get some of the cost paid if not most of it.

Government grants are available to help with the cost but these are dependent upon your age and where you live. You can apply for federal funding, state funding or look to your own community to see if they offer any grants.

A grant is not considered to be a loan and do not need to be repaid, as long as they are used in the treatment of substance addiction.  You may need to provide proof of this.  Repayment of a grant is made by you completing the rehabilitation and going back into the community and back to work.

However you choose to raise the money to pay for your treatment, it will be worth the effort. In order for a substance abuser to begin to recover, they must first get the help needed to take that step. In that respect, any investment in the way of a loan, a grant or help from family is money well spent.  A good source of information for addiction recovery can be found here.

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What You Need to Know When Applying for Medical Grants

Many people are either under insured or uninsured medically which means that if medical treatment is required, financial planning would be an essential part of it. Medical grants are a way of channelling rightful financial input to cover costs associated with health care and medical treatments. Although the majority of the First World Countries offers medical grants to its citizens after careful scrutiny of applications, it is important to review some essential information before applying for it. This would increase the chances of acceptance of the grant. 

Consider Cheaper Options
If you do not have a health care insurance cover, then always try to look out for less expensive health care centers. Usually, if the disease or medical condition is chronic the medical reports indicate its level and there is time to book appointments in nearby state owned and affordable health centers. Grant centers assist people with medical cases only if the case seems legitimate and the health care center proves to be adequate to treat the ailment and cost effective as well. For instance, physical therapy center In Motion O.C. is an affordable center with exquisite care-providing facility that can be funded by medical grants. 

Add the Information of Alternate Sources
Grant applications become stronger when the applicant proves through evidence that most of the financial institutions have been approached already and there is hardly any source of financial help. Attach a copy of the application sent to the church, community center or charity organization, which would prove that the applicant is trying to get help from multiple sources. 

Avoid Hiring Agents
If there is a need of acquiring a medical grant, the official website of the state or country would provide the exact details of the process. Hiring an agent to do this work simply adds on to the cost as the agent would take a fee for the assistance. Moreover, the risk of becoming a victim of fraudulent activity increases. Only a few agents are sincere with their jobs, many people have taken up this profession only to make easy money. Therefore, consider going to the right medium and try completing the simple application process on your own behalf.

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Food Bank Receives Funds for Tech Support

Food banks, also known as food pantries, are in place in cities across the United States in order to provide crucial assistance to individuals and families who cannot afford to purchase food on their own. In most cases these food banks operate on a budget that is made up of donations from individuals or organizations as well as from loans and in some cases, federal grants. The latter are the most popular source of funding for food banks for several reasons, the most obvious being that they are not required to be repaid. Also, federal grants are usually the most stable and reliable resource of funding for food banks.

It is not always obvious, however, what exactly the funds are used for. That is not to say that they are used inappropriately or unethically but it is often surprising to people outside these organizations to learn what exactly goes into running a modern food bank. Surprising as it is to most people, food banks can receive funds for tech support. Larger food banks that have more extensive inventories have a need for an organized inventory and an efficient way of distributing that inventory. But even smaller food banks can benefit from the technology that is available to help manage inventory and make the day to day operations of the facility run more smoothly.

In this the 21st century, just about every element of society has a technological component and the nation's food pantries are no exception. These organizations require software as well as hardware that help with management and accounting needs as well as client services and other logistical operations. Acquiring grant approval, whether it be at the local, state, or federal level, can be a challenging task. The process is often a long and extremely convoluted one and it is easy to overlook certain steps involved in applying for grants if applicants are not familiar with that process.

Though many individuals and organizations like to take a do-it-yourself approach when working to help others, this is not always the best or most efficient method of getting things done. Whether funding is needed for technological upgrades or just to help keep the lights on, it is always a good idea for food bank management personnel to seek help from reputable entities that are well-versed in helping non-profit organizations apply for grants and procure the funding they require. This will help make sure the process is as fast and efficient as possible.

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